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    Do you do revisions?

    Yes! One free revision is included with your order. After that, if the error was mine (i.e. mispronounced words, etc.) I will do free revisions. Otherwise I charge a small fee for revisions. I recommend adding the live direction session to ensure you get exactly what you want, with multiple options, all in one go.

    Do you do different types of voices?

    I can sure try, but my range is mainly what you hear in my commercial demo and other samples. If you need a specialized voice, send me a message of what you're looking for first and I'll let you know if it's possible.

    Do you provide custom quotes for specialized projects?

    Yes I do! Don't hesitate to send me a message using the contact button. I answer all messages quickly and would love to talk to you further about your project!

    I want to partner with a reliable voiceover artist for my current and future projects. Are you that person?

    Absolutely! My goal is to provide outstanding, high-quality voiceovers with excellent customer service. I appreciate your business, and I will treat each and every one of your projects with the care and attention they deserve.

    What are Commercial Rights?

    Commercial Rights are needed if using the voice over recording for business use. This includes playing on any non-paid marketing channels, like websites, YouTube, explainer videos or any business presentations.

    What are Full Broadcast Rights?

    Full Broadcast Rights are needed if you'll be using the voice over for promotion of any product or service on paid marketing channels like Radio or TV or ads on any Streaming Service (Spotify, Pandora, or paid YouTube ads).

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